4Civility Institute is a not-for-profit institute dedicated to civility, ethics, alternative dispute resolution, mediation, restorative justice, and behavioral transition.
Training and
  • Restorative Mediation

  • Healthcare Mediation

  • Negotiation

  • Abritration

  • Conflict Management

  • Restorative Justice

  • Behavioral Transition

  • Organizational Ombuds

  • Contract Ombuds

  • Chief Compassion Officer

  • Anti-bullying/Kindness

  • Toxic Workplace Prevention

  • Trust Leader Training and Coaching

Anti-Bullying Systems

Proven anti-bullying, anti-harassment systems and tools for schools, colleges, businesses and organizations.  Includes training, coaching, and software systems that address negative behavior through stakeholder knowledge and training, safe-reporting systems, and 

correction though restorative


Contract Ombuds

An Ombuds in a workplace setting can be a valuable confidential resource to deal with conflict, whistleblowing, harassment and other negative behaviors to protect the organization and its people.  4Civility can provide a contract ombuds or can train and coach existing personnel to act as an internal ombuds.  The benefit of an ombuds to an organization can be measured in increased productivity, less absenteeism, and positive attitudes.  It will provide additional protections for the organization and the employees.


The 4Civility Institute believes that conflict is normal and can be positive if deal with correctly and that bullying, harassment and violence are learned behaviors that can be prevented, corrected and reversed with proper training and tools.


To provide for the study of and training in conflict management and in training and services to prevent and correct incivility, bullying, harassment, fraud and other negative behaviors and encourage positive constructive relationships in schools, workplaces or other institutions.  The 4Civility Institute provides best-practices skill sets, reporting tools and training in techniques to deal constructively with conflict, to correct and build proper relationships and to move all participants to improve personally and professionally.