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Preventing a Toxic Workplace

This one-day seminar will improve communication and listening skills.  It will enable participants to move from win-lose outcomes to mutual gains (win-win) results in personal interactions.  It will also make them successful at maintaining healthy relationships.


  • Issues to consider in being successful at relationship detoxification:

  • The difference between dialogue and debate or is communication merely talking and waiting to talk.

  • Putting aside your personal agenda while another is speaking

  • Hearing (understanding) what people mean, not just what they say

  • How to get an uncommunicative person to open up and contribute

  • What to do with people who get defensive when you try to tell them something

  • How to share a difference of opinion without the other person feeling criticized

  • Responding to the speaker’s feelings instead of imposing your own

  • How to get through to someone who never seems to listen

  • Establishing credibility so that people pay attention to what you say

  • Embracing rather than avoiding conflict

  • Separating the person from the problem

  • Focusing on interests rather than positions

  • Inventing options for mutual gain; it’s all about getting what you need.

  • Participants will learn and practice interest-based negotiation, moving from divisiveness to synergy, adversarial to collaborative communications, compromise to consensus, threats and solutions to interests and needs, and combativeness to mutual problem solving. You can only change yourself, not anyone else, but that transformation can, and will impact the way others relate to you and improve the relationship you deem vital to your professional and personal well-being

In today’s economy, organizations are faced with the challenge of continuously improving efficiency to remain competitive. This means strict oversight and tight controls on those elements that affect an organization’s cost structure. Historically, the focus has been on tangible costs that are easily identifiable and can be accurately measured. Now, in order to continue down the path of efficiency, many businesses are focusing on costs that do not appear on the financial statements and that may not be easily measured with additional systems. In a more culturally complex and age diverse workplace, managers must appreciate and better understand the filters and differences in communication and listening and develop the emotional intelligence required to be an effective leader.

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