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Trust Leader Training and Coaching

A trained Healthcare Trust Leader can be the catalysis for harmony, growth, understanding, and relationship building.  Trust Leaders need not be managers or supervisors, in fact, the best Trust Leaders are often on an operational level.  It is easy to identify potential Trust Leaders and some progressive organizations have a system for finding and electing Trust Leaders from the ranks by asking employees to identify those that others seek out for advice.  Once identified they are offered training in active listening skills, the role of a neutral in the workplace, emotional intelligence, and recognizing and defusing potentially toxic situations.  The formalization of their previous informal position, along with new skills and additional coaching, as needed, transforms their unofficial advice giving role to a new role.  That new role presents characteristics similar to those of an ombuds or mediator.  And even though Trust Leaders are not necessarily ombuds or mediators, the role they play can transform organizations from the bottom up and transform potentially negative conflict into productive and progressive improvements to systems and relationships.

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