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Chief Compassion Officer

Core values that promote trust, diversity, personal and professional growth, mutual respect, civility, and productive communications are absolute necessities in modern, innovative, and successful corporations and businesses. Unfortunately, even the most well intentioned corporate policies are undermined by unmanaged conflict between individuals, which is a distraction from otherwise productive use of time, energy, and resources as it diminishes internal and external relationships and eventually impacts the bottom line.

Research reveals that the most effective leaders at leading and adapting to change at any level in the organization are those that have the highest level of emotional intelligence. Many intractable problems in the workplace are the result of poor communication, the lack of self-awareness, and other emotional intelligent competencies. The components of knowledge, skills, and abilities that comprise emotional intelligence can be learned. Leadership competencies of adaptability, decision making, team building, and communication are essential to a healthy workplace with an emotionally healthy workforce. Leaders should focus on engaging their employees knowing that strong performance will follow. Managers who fail have poor people skills or show inappropriate personal qualities, and, when managers fail to demonstrate necessary qualities of effective leadership, successful execution of the business plan can fail.


The corporate culture is a community of individuals, who collectively are the organization and who, individually, are people with real human needs and concerns. The environment in which they work and contribute their time, energy, creativity, and interaction is their community, and the quality of their contributions affects the mission of the organization as well as its members. The value a business places on its people should be a measure of enlightened leadership’s concern for a healthy and profitable workplace.  

4Civility provides the training and certifications for qualified persons to become the leading expert on compassion and understanding in their organizations.  The training includes certifications in mediation, negotiation, arbitration, restorative justice, behavioral transition, and organizational ombuds. 

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