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Anti-Bullying/Kindness System
Two Tools for Reporting Incivility and Promoting Compassion and Kindness

Online Incident/Concern Reporting System: Web based monitored reporting system for to report incidents or concerns in a secure system that is accessible 24x7. The trained ombuds will receive the reports and notifications. They can act immediately if necessary check reports, compare data, input actions taken and suggest any corrective measures. The Online Incident/Concern Reporting System gives each organization a secure, web-based, active database of all reported incidents and concerns. The ombuds can collaborate and compile data through multiple parameters and reports.  The Software provides secure web based reports, identifies problems, concerns, trouble spots, bullies, targets and bystanders.  They provide the organization with a legally defendable record of actions taken. They provide ongoing information, comparisons, trends and statistical information to access the effectiveness of harassment and bullying prevention efforts and the workplace environment.


This technological advance gives organizations the control and accurate information they need to monitor and improve their organizations anti-bullying and anti-harassment environment. The participants can reach the system from any computer connected to the web in a fully secured and protected system. Designed for easy adoption and operation, there is no equipment to buy, nor any instructional technology support needed from the organizations busy IT professionals.


Compassion/Kindness Surveys: The purpose of this online tool is to measure each work group’s collective perception about their environment in regard to interpersonal and group relations as part of an anti-bullying and compassion strategy. Participants assess how they and their colleagues are treating others. Participants input how they believe they are treating each other on a scale of 1 to 5, with a 1 being as kind and wonderful as possible and a 5 as awful, mean and cruel.  They are asked to cite any significant acts of compassion or kindness they have observed and are also asked to cite any serious acts of meanness they have observed. Organizations can also ask participants to cite any concerns they have about themselves or a co-worker or anything they have seen in Cyberspace about anyone in the organization that upsets them.  Reports are automatically compiled and sorted by unit or group and the ombuds can review them for information and for any necessary action.  Acts of special kindness can be acknowledged and acts of negative behavior can be investigated.  Giving participants the ability to anonymously report concerns for themselves or others, coupled with the ability to cite concerns they have from the Cyber-world provides important insight into the world in which the participants exist and provides each organization with an early warning system allowing them to act before more serious incidents occur. 


The information, generated from the Compassion/Kindness Survey Tool, can serve as the basis for discussions within units or groups to constantly improve the work environment.

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